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Adventure in Montessori Mission Statement


Adventure in Montessori Early Childhood Center is a French/Chinese bilingual school created and committed to leading and nurturing children s developmental milestones. Our school is continuously creating an environment of understanding that fosters respect, harmony and empathy among all staff and children. This philosophy is based upon the Montessori principles of education. We abide by the basic tenants of the Montessori teachings; respect yourself, respect others and respect the environment.

Our curriculum is comprehensive and inclusive of a strong focus on academic and artistic accomplishment. The complete musical arts program will include the teachings of musical instruments that builds confidence, self-expression and poise among our students. We will include the introduction of tap dancing and martial arts productions. Additionally, our physical education and movement program will be one of the underlining pinning of resolve, friendship and life-long learning.

The core Montessori studies will emphasis the pedagogy of comportment, practical life, mathematics and problem solving, geography and history. Teaching art appreciation and the study of artists is an important part of the Montessori curriculum. Maria Montessori wanted children to be surrounded by objects of beauty while studying the great artists of our time; for example, Van Gogh and Picasso. In addition, there will be a presentation to the students of a new way of thinking and behaving in the continuous conversation valuing longevity in protecting our planet and the wild species of the earth and ocean.

Adventure in Montessori Early Childhood Center is a school located in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts that serves children ranging from infants, toddlers and primary. We aspire to aid children of all races, gender, color, creed, religion and nationality.