OUR CURRICULUM-ACADEMICS-Adventures in Montessori Early Childhood Center

Here at adventures in Montessori our primary objective in our academic program is to create a path of exploration to meaningful learning. Children learn to explore the environment around them thru the use of Montessori materials, spirted play, caring guidance and a rigorous program of academics. Montessori curriculum is presented thru an approach that brings together separate strands of the curriculum. A Montessori classroom is peaceful and contains various areas of learning and play. Each area meets the developmental needs of the children in small and large groups. Instructive learning experiences are provided in the following areas of Montessori curriculum.

  1. Mathematics and Problem Solving 

  2. Geography and History 

  3. Practical Life – Sensorial

  4. Grace Courtesy 

  5. Movement and Physical Education 

  6. Chinese/French Instruction

  7. The Arts Program

  8. Literacy